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MEWP and Telehandler Selection Technology
JED-EYE MEWP and Telehandler Selection Software reduces errors in the equipment selection process giving you the ability to make more informed decisions using accurate data. Using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications, JED-EYE incorporates reach, angle, and weight capacity zones into the equipment selection process along with stowed width and height, equipment operating weight, equipment drive type and more. "JED-EYE’s revolutionary software transforms the equipment rental process from speculative and error-ridden to calculated and accurate." -University of South Carolina Innovative Tech Study
MEWP Selection with JED-EYE
The Technology Behind JED-EYE
Intro to JED-EYE

Web Based Application Compatible With Any Device

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Better Decision Making

"JED-EYE empowers you to make well-informed, data-driven decisions based on safety, efficiency, and cost considerations, leading to the most accurate choices for your specific needs."

Equipment Rental Software
"This is a must-have for any equipment vendor" - Owner, 1st Choice Glass, Monroe, NC
Equipment Rental Software
Equipment Rental Software
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